Multifunctional complex 50 Avenue is being built in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv at 50A Peremohy Prospect, close to Shulyavska metro station.

From the roof of the forty-eighth floor, the highest in the residential complex, there will be a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

In comparison to the other residential and business complexes of Kyiv, 50 Avenue has a wide range of advantages. The multifunctional building meets the needs of successful and active people in the comfort, stylish and ergonomic design of offices and apartments, as well as convenient infrastructure and time efficiency. A perfect combination of residential and office space reduces the time spent each day commuting to work.

The two towers of 50 Avenue with a height of 34 and 48 floors, will accommodate:

the highest-quality office spaces;

comfortable residential apartments;

boutique galleries and brand stores;

SPA & Fitness Club;

a rooftop swimming pool;

underground parking.

The other benefits of 50 Avenue include:

the territory of the complex is closed for visitors, the entrance is for residents only;

the project involves the absence of cars in the surrounding area;

the highest quality building materials designed for long-term operation of the building;

autonomous heating and insulation with mineral wool;

the most promising monolithic frame construction technology to date; modern playgrounds on the territory of the house.

Within easy walking distance, there are three subway stations next to the multifunctional complex: Shulyavska, Beresteyska and Nyvky. A large number of supermarkets, sports clubs, cafes and restaurants enhance opportunities to spend leisure time.

50 Avenue has great investment potential. It provides investors the ability to receive additional income, namely through the accumulation of significant interest on investments. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a convenient and promising place for business development, buying a property in 50 Avenue will be a very profitable purchase for you.


50 Avenue is a promising project of the global company Exon Premier, which provides sales and property management services.

50 Avenue is a state-of-the-art building that looks like a modern skyscraper – clear and sharp lines, brilliant facade and sharp angles give the impression of a futuristic construction.

50 Avenue is the embodiment of stylish living and working space for luxury and active lifestyle.

50 Avenue is not only about aesthetics, style, and interesting design solutions, but also about functionality and energy efficiency.


Multifunctional complex 50 Avenue is a modern and convenient housing that meets the world standards of quality and contemporary urban trends in design and architecture. 50 Avenue will also provide a large number of potential job places that will be located on many floors of the business complex.

Office spaces will meet all the necessary criteria for creating a high-quality workspace from an architectural, environmental, and aesthetic point of view.

50 Avenue is a new format on the Ukrainian real estate market, which offers a client to become a private investor and owner of apartments and have the opportunity not only to live and work but also to make a profit both from their investment and from all apartments rented out.


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